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The International Hermès Birkin Price Guide

There are a few things you can be sure of when you are talking about the Hermès Birkin bag.  They are exclusive, scarce and considered the epitome of fashion.  There are also plenty of rumors and gossip that flies around the price of the bag.  We at have taken it upon ourselves to disprove some of these rumors about the price.
The one thing that you as a shopper of a replica Hermès Birkin bags is something not many replica manufacturers can promise.  We have set our prices on our products, and those prices have remained constant since our inception.  We do not plan on changing our prices nor our promise of quality.
Hermès is incredibly secretive about their bags.  There is very little information ever available at any one time about their product line.  Precious information like the colors, leather choices and hardware for each size and model is strictly limited and on a ‘need to know’ basis.  This only fuels the mystique and interest in the bag. has decided to share some information about the price of the authentic compared to the price of our replica.
Part of the secrecy of the Hermès Birkin line is the choice of leather they use for individual bags.  Prices, because of the leather choice, can vary – even before one starts looking at the exotic leathers available for the bag line.  There is also a question of international market – prices vary because of the fluctuating exchange market.  The international market for Birkins has no boundary, so the local currency and location can be different in Singapore as it is in London.  Price increases are common with Birkin, so what was paid for last year’s line may be different from this year.  Culture also has something to do with pricing, as media loves to fabricate the prices of a Birkin.  Inflating a price tag to $30,000.00 for a bag is something that draws in the celebrity followers, who are in awe at the price.  Even high end luxury magazines say the bags start at $12,000.00 – again a rumor and falsehood. has done the research.  We have looked into some of the more common leather choices used, along with the main sizes of handbags, to create a guide to give our customers an idea of what they can expect.  We concentrate on the U.S.  The majority of our customers come from the U.S.  We looked at the following leather choices: Clemence, Togo and Epsom and did our research on the Hermès website, forums and pricing across the entire web.
Remember: has not changed their prices.  What you see on the chart and on our website is what you will pay now and next year.  Here is a list of the tables for you to read.
Authentic Hermès Birkin Costs – All in U.S. Dollars
Size Clemence Togo Epsom
25cm $9,400 $9,400 $9,250
30cm $10,900 $10,900 $10,800
40cm $13,200 $13,200 $12,900
Replica Hermès Birkin Costs with Chinese leather
Replica Hermès Birkin Costs with French imported leather
Size Clemence (machine stitched) Clemence (half hand stitched) Togo (half hand stitched) Swift (half hand stitched)
35cm $980 $1280 $1875 $1295
Thank you for visiting, your home for replica Hermès bags.  Here you will find our prices are fair and stable since we started in the industry.  You can shop with confidence with our secure server and know your satisfaction is on the forefront of our minds.
Our website can be volatile at times, and customers report issues.  Reach us at: Hermessale for wechat, Whatsapp +1(402)370-6909 for text.
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Hermès Leathers: The Guide

Many do not realize it, but the Hermès brand did not get its start in the luxury handbag market.  Thierry Hermès was a leather worker and made custom harnesses and bridles for luxury carriages for the elite of Paris, France.  The one thing that the Hermès of the 19th century and the Hermès of today have in common is the use of the best leathers on the planet.  The company also offers more varieties of fine leathers than any other luxury bag company in the world.  Understanding all of the different leathers, the names and which leather would be best for you and your handbag is a challenge, especially if you are not exactly 100 percent certain of anything to do with the Hermès brand.  This is where is your trusted partner.  We have painstakingly matched the same leathers used on the authentic bags.  This means you get a replica bag that looks, feels and matches the original bag closely.  Only someone trained in looking for the differences will be able to tell.
Here was have looked at each of the original leathers and made notes.  We carefully examined the texture, weight and particular durability of each leather as we cold.   Hermès can be very secretive with their leathers, but we at feel confident we have covered the choices closely.   Let’s take a look at each along with a picture of the leather choice.
Box Calf
Box calf is popular because of the smooth and glossy look.  It is, however, very susceptible to scratching.  A bit of buffing will work those scratches into the leather and provide patina-like look and feel.  It is an actively produced leather, but customers find the leather more in the vintage bags.  Do not take this bag out if rain is in the forecast.
Chevre de Coromandel
Chevre means goat in French.  The leather is soft, light and scratch-resistant.  It also is one of the more long lasting leather choices.
Hermès uses a good number of leather choices.  The Clemence is one of the most popular and commonly chosen.  It is made from the hide of a baby bull cow.  Matte finish, flat-grained, heavy yet soft yields a slouching but casual look.  Again, watch for rain.  You don’t have to worry much about scratching.
Stamped-grain, lightweight and one of the easier leathers to care for.  It is not a soft leather, so this is something to consider if feel is important to you.
This is one of the more popular exotics.  The  Hermès lizard comes from African water monitors and is sustainable leather.  This is Hermès most delicate of their leather line and will dry out if not cared for regularly.  The scales are an epicurean part for a glossy finish.  The small amount of leather produced means the majority of lizard leather products are accessories and small handbags.
Matte Alligator
Delicate and very expensive. Hermès uses alligators farmed in Florida, and a matte bag usually costs a bit more than a shiny one, although alligator usually costs less than crocodile overall. Should be kept away from water.
Shiny (Lisse) Alligator
If imperfections on your bag bother you, but you are set on an exotic leather, Lisse may be the choice for you.  Lisse has a delicate and shiny finish because of the smaller alligator scales.  You can tell the difference between alligator and crocodile because of the ‘pores’ on the crocodile scale.  Again, strangely, no water.
Matte Niloticus Crocodile
Niloticus means ‘of the Nile River,’ and this leather comes from Zimbabwe.  The matte finish is more expensive than the shiny but less expensive than the Porosus crocodile.  Crocodile is durable, but again, no water – the spots will not fade on the leather.
Shiny Niloticus Crocodile
This is the choice is you are interested in a shiny look.  Again, stay away from water and rainy days.
Matte Porosus Crocodile
This is an Australian farmed crocodile.  Again, the matte is more expensive than the shiny.  Porosus is also the most expensive choice of  Hermès leathers.  Water will leave stains – something you do not want on such fine leather.
Shiny Porosus Crocodile
This is the companion to the matte finish.  Glossy, the water stains will show up easily and not go away.
Those who are looking for something durable yet water-resistant will find the ostrich a solid choice.  The leather will darken over time as it is exposed to skin oil.  It is something to consider if you are thinking ostrich.
If you look at Hermès bags before 1999, this leather was called Gulliver.  Swift is a fine grain and takes well to dying.  Those who worry about scratching should consider this choice – scratches buff out easily.
Most people who choose a Hermès Birkin will have Togo leather.  It is calfskin, fine grain and scratch-resistant.  Lightweight, the leather tends to hold its shape better than other leather choices.
<INSERT IMAGE> matches the leather of the authentic Hermès line as closely as possible without sacrificing the standards of quality and craftsmanship of a high end replica bag.  Customers who shop with us report excellent satisfaction and are pleased with their bag for years after purchase. welcomes your visit to the website.  If you run into difficulties, use: HermesSale for wechat, Whatsapp +1(402)370-6909 for text.
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Bag Lover’s Dream: The Classic Hermès Bag

Go ahead.  Try to consider all of the bags that Hermès manufactures in a given year.  Most luxury brands, including those who manufacture globally, have some sort of limit on their lines to make production easier on their supply lines and shops.  This means they only make a limited number of products or produce on a certain number of colors for the year’s line.  Gucci, for example, only has a few bags that they produce regularly: the Dionysus, Marmont, Sylvie and Ophidia.  This is strange for the Gucci brand, considering how deeply they fill the market with their other product lines. Hermès stands out from the crowd as the crème de la crème of the high end fashionable bag world.  They are the exception to the rule, and they have the clout to back it up.
Hermès has the deepest and richest colors for their bag lines.  Even a ubiquitous color like pink has variations in shade of a dozen or more.  Take this one color from the bag line and apply it to its entire line of bags – bags that have the same name but different sizes and structures plus more choices in hardware than most bag lines.  This makes for a difficult choice when it comes to a Hermèspurchase either at a boutique or its online store.  Hermès does not have a good number of one thing.  They have a good number of everything.
The two biggest and most popular of the Hermès line is the Birkin and Kelly bag line.  These are also the most difficult to put hands on unless you have a relationship with a store or get incredibly lucky – good shoppers are both.  These designs are the bags that define the brand.  This makes their scarcity real and thus hard to find and even purchase.  This does not mean the Birkin or Kelly bags are superior to the rest of the Hermès line in look and breadth.  It means there are more people in the world who know about these two lines, and this makes the models scarce and difficult to purchase virtually anywhere.
You have decided to take a plunge into the high end replica game and are looking at one of the many Hermès that we at offer.  You have decided the Birkin line is great, but you want to stand out with your purchase.  You want that fine Hermès name, look and style but want to be different than the rest.  We have compiled a list of ten other Hermès products we offer along with the prices of the authentic with our price along side of it.  This way you can make the best educated guess and have the perfect Hermès replica to suit your needs and desires.
This bag was created to commemorate a new Bugatti launch. The bag’s concept goes back to 1923 and has gone through a variety of phases before settling in on what is currently available for purchase.
Hermès Bolide 31 Bag, $8,100 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Plume has its origins in luggage designs from four decades before and began as a travel piece in the 1960’s.  History and cinema buffs will appreciate this tidbit: The rumor is the Plume’s day bag size came about because of a specific request from the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve.
Hermès Plume II Mini Bag, $6,000.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Victoria II
This bag dates back to 2007 although the predecessor original Victoria’s exact debut date is a mystery.  This is a classic bag for good reason: Simple, functional and roomy.  The Victoria II could be a member of any period of modern bag history style and design.
Hermès Victoria II Fourre-Tout 35 Bag, $5,150.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Garden Party
Along with the Victoria bag, the Garden Party Tote’s debut date is lost in the annals of history.  The bag itself is steeped in popularity for its must-have features: room, sophistication, classic and shoulder ready.  The Garden Party is also one of Hermès less expensive leather day bags.
Hermès Garden Party 36 Bag, $3,675.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Named for one of the original designer’s dear daughters, the Constance dates back to 1959 and is the closest the brand will get to a logo bag.  The ‘H’ hardware lets everyone know the iconic name and is prominently displayed on the front of all the different versions.  Those who are not necessarily interested in the logo will find the Roulis or 2002 bag more their style.  Each has a flap style similar to the Constance, but the hardware is not as prominent.
Hermès Constance Bag, $12,041.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Many know of the origins of the Hermès line is steeped in the equestrian world.  The Evelyne was part of the leather products for stable hands to carry their grooming supplies.  The relauch of the line in 2000 placed the bag on the fashion side of the company for good.  For the line, the Evelyne is modestly priced yet meets the needs for a day bag – casual and functional.
Hermès Evelyne III 33 Bag, $3,750.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
This clutch is one of the most recent of the Hermès line as it dates back to the relatively new year of 2007.  The bag itself, like much of the line, goes back to the 1920’s.  The Collier de Chien lock of the brand’s dog collars, cuffs and watches is now on this bold clutch.  It is also a staple piece among many of the Hermès collectors.
Hermès Medor Clutch, $5,150.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
This bag, like the smaller Medor, saw the stores and arms of Hermès lovers in 2007.  This year was special for the company as the line was filled with new designs and fresh relaunches of old favorites.  The Lindy’s signature is not the bold hardware – the shape is what makes the bag stand out.  The bag rebels against rules of handles and shoulder bags.  The move was a bold one, so bold in fact that many other luxury brands followed suit.
Hermès Lindy 30 Bag, $7,800.00 at Hermès.  Available at for <PRICE>.
Picotin Lock
Looking back to 2002, this bag’s look is an obvious throwback to Hermès equestrian roots.  Those familiar with the horse industry will likely quickly notice the bag’s design is based around the feed back that hooks around a horse’s ear.  Don’t fret; the casual look of the Picotin Lock is a bit more aesthetic than its humble prototype’s design and function.
Hermès Picotin Lock, $4,875.00 at Hermès Online – Purchase at for <PRICE>.
<IMAGE> is your one-stop shopping center for all things Hermès replica.  We painstakingly match the authentic product to our own replicas for a bag or accessory you can be proud to own.  We are constantly updating our inventory, so check back regularly for new items.
HermesSale for wechat, Whatsapp +1(402)370-6909 for text.  This is in case the website is down for any reason.  We will be glad to help you.
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Everything you need to know about the Hermes Evelyne collection!

Meet the collection!

The Hermes Evelyn collection is another range of fashion bags you need to consider when putting together a sophisticated look. The Evelyne collection spans three generations: Evelyne I, Evelyne II and Evelyne III. Evelyne I is also known as the first generation bags. It has no external pocket. The Evelyne II, the second generation, has an external pocket. The Evelyne III which is the third generation has an adjustable canvas strap with external pocket.



The Evelyne bag comes in four sizes namely TPM, PM, GM and TGM. It also comes in a limited range of colors. The PM bag is the medium size.

To purchase the Evelyn III in TPM, PM and GM, our online store has these three replica sizes. It is made of quality Clemency leather that has been stitched with care.


Bag Statistics

Lovers of high end fashion need to know exactly what they are buying. The statistics of the Evelyne collection is unique. The Hermes Evelyne comes in different sizes and these sizes come with their own bag components. The Evelyne III 29 bag (PM) measures 11.5″ long, 12″ high and 4″ deep. The Evelyne III 33 bag (GM) on the other hand measures 13″ long, 12″ high and 4″ deep. This bag has an adjustable strap and it can move from 36″ to 52″. The TPM (Mini) is however 16 cm.


How much is the Hermes Evelyne bag sold?

Good things don’t come cheap and the same thing can be said of this Hermes Evelyne bag. The authentic version goes for a whopping $3,750 and this is for the Evelyne III 33 bag. The bag comes in a blue color. The authentic red Evelyne III 29 bag on the other hand goes for as much as $3,375.

If you cannot afford this, all you need to do is purchase the replica. Replicas come to your rescue even if you do not have the means to do so. Replicas are affordable and of high quality. The replica Hermes Evelyne III red Clemence bag goes for as little as $208.



Our standard grade:



Our original leather grade:

Hermes-Evelyne-III-PM-Replica-Bag-original-price Hermes-Evelyne-III-TPM-Replica-Bag-original-price


Other Hermes Evelyne bag prices include the Hermes Evelyne III PM price which goes for $795 and the Hermes Evelyne III TPM price which goes for $395.


Can All Sexes be allowed to wear this bag?

This Hermes bag collection can be worn by men and women alike. It is unisex.



How to spot a fake Hermes Evelyne bag

A fake Hermes can be spotted through a number of ways.


The perforated holes used to design the Hermes logo are uneven. The authentic Hermes Evelyne is designed by special machines which makes the perforation neat tidy and the same. Sadly, this cannot be perfectly replicated by the cheap fake. However, our replica is another ball game entirely. It is as close to the original as possible and adequate care has been taken to use quality leather and look-alike designs.


– Date stamp– The date stamp also helps check the authenticity of the bag. This is something low quality Hermes Evelyne bags have not been able to capture successfully. On the authentic, you should be able to find the date stamp easily. The placement of the stamp or year code is also important.


Our replicas on the other hand currently use X (no square) or A (no square), by ramdon.


Replacement straps

For replica stores like ours, we help our customers replace their straps. Sometimes, customer may ask for a different strap, and we can custom make it for them. If you wish to order Hermes Evelyne TPM, you can always request for an alternative strap as shown in the picture below:


These straps can be adjusted to suit the body size of the wearer. The straps are made of high quality leather so you do not have to worry about it looking out of place. It can be worn across the shoulders and adjusted to suit your needs.


Bag details

When buying replicas, always go for the best. Our store has been recommended by various communities and forums who recognize us as the leading replica online store in the world. Note that not all replicas are of good quality. There are a lot of bad replicas with pockets inside, which is not what it is supposed to look like. I advise you to stay away from them if you do not want to regret your purchase.


This Hermes is also known as the H bag and it is extremely popular because of its functionality. It has a sporty casual look that appeals to a large audience. The iconic H logo is made with perforated holes and it is shaped like a saddle bag. Because of this saddle look, it is common to see these bags on the shoulders of fashion lovers who frequent rodeos or horse sports events. A couple of celebrities also wear it too. Tie a scarf to the side and your cowgirl or cowboy look is complete!





Bag Inserts

The Fourbi bag inserts work just well with the Hermes Evelyn and it is available at the moment. In the picture below, the Fourbi is placed beside the Evelyne PM. If you insert it all the way to one side, you can see there is room for other things like a small water bottle or umbrella.





The Hermes Evelyne has a version that comes with gold hardware but replicas like ours only use silver hardware.



The Hermes Evelyne bag has more than 50 different colors in Clemence & Epsom leathers. See here  for more. However, the most popular are black, etoupe, gold, blue, taupe, rose confetti, pink and rose tyrien. You can make an order for any of these colors from our store.

To buy second hand or not?

Some people will insist on authentic or pre owned Hermes Evelyne bag but the replica is way affordable and of good quality. Some stores sell second hand authentic and you can get them at auction grounds, eBay, and the deluxe mall or from those originally pre-owned. However, getting a replica will save you from the wear and tear that may be associated with the second hand grade of the authentic.

High quality replica can be gotten at At our replica factory, we study the authentic to replicate the details; something our skilled craftsmen are versed in doing. We use France imported original leather and bees wax for stitching. The bag is handmade and hand stitched with the finest Clemency leather like the authentic. We make the best replica Hermes Evelyne bag and the reviews can attest to that.

This bag is a favorite of many celebrities especially those that love riding because of its convenience for holding grooming equipment. It is practical yet stylish.

When it was launched several years ago, the bag immediately became a success and became an equivalent of a city saddle bag for urban men and women. Today, it is used for a myriad of purposes. The success of the Evelyne I called for the inclusion of Evelyne II and III. As each collection expands, more pockets are added to the bag in addition with an adjustable strap. It is also produced in more colors and sizes.

This saddle bag look alike is a must have. It is a good addition to your wardrobe. If you want to make a fashion statement, this is an effective way to do so!

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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting a Quality Hermes Replica Bag

Please note that we do not make up grade names. These terms are used in Guangzhou baiyun leather world marketplace. Marketing tactics are at the discretion of our online vendors. Some online sellers may use tactics to create a grade like 5 star, 6 star, 7 star, AAAAA grade, etc.
Types of leather:
There are three main different grades of leather:
* Chinese local leather
* Spain imported leather
* France/Germany imported leather
Chinese local leather
Chinese local leather is used for normal standard grade items. This includes Clemence and Togo (which has been rare this year).
They are produced by Chinese local tannery. There are a lot of tanneries in Guangzhou but very few produce Togo leather because it is harder to produce than Clemence. If they use local Chinese calfskin, the Togo would be very stiff.
There is only one tannery that uses Brazil imported crust leather to produce Togo and it is for this reason that some bag manufacturers declare they are using ‘imported leather’. The crust leather is imported but finally tanned in China.
Clemence vs. Togo
Most people do not know the difference between Togo and Clemence. Here is Clemence grain:
chinese clemence leather grain
And here is Togo grain:
chinese leather togo grain
The Togo has vertical lines in grain and is sold around 300 USD.  Togo is always a little more expensive than Clemence.
From 2015, there was another grade of Birkin bags made of Spain imported leathers. It is softer than normal leather but stiffer than France imported leather. The grain is also larger. It is middle grade and we do not sell them.
Stitching thread:
The France/Germany imported leather is also called the original leather in the marketplace. There are three grades depending on craftsmanship: machine stitched, half hand stitched and full hand stitched. Please note: These are the wildly used terms by all factories. Two of them are easy to understand and not confusing at all.
* Machine stitched: Every thread is stitched by machine.
* Full hand stitched: Every thread is stitched by hand using saddle stitch method.
* Half hand stitched: The exterior is stitched by hand while interior is stitched by machine. Take the Birkin for example: The green highlighted part is hand stitched while the red highlighted part is machine stitched.
Hand stitched part:
Hermes Birkin Hand Stitched Flap
Hermes Birkin Hand Stitched Handle
Hermes Birkin Hand Stitched Back
Hermes Birkin Logo
Hermes Birkin Bottom Hand Stitched
Hermes Birkin Half Hand Stitched
Machine stitched parts:
Hermes Birkin Machine Stitched Part
Hermes Birkin Machine Stitched
Hermes Birkin Machine Stitched Sides
Birkin Machine Stitched Bottom
Birkin Machine Stitched Interior
Birkin Machine Stitched Interior
In most cases, we use France/Germany imported clemence leather, the grain look like this:
Hermes France Imported Leather, Original Leather
These are not imported from Haas tannery but are consistent to source. It has a soft feel and the grain is very close to authentic. These tanneries do not supply leather to Hermes but some other luxury brands use their leather.
However, if you prefer Togo to Clemence, use Haas leather that looks this way:
Hermes Haas Togo Leather  Hermes Haas Togo Leather
We do not recommend using Haas leather considering the fact that they are not consistent. Hermes has a controlling stake in Tanneries Haas and they have rights to select the best pieces of leather before other manufacturers have a chance to buy. Nobody can predict the time of availability and sometimes, the leather grain is not good like this;
Hermes Haas Togo Leather
Please remember, the finest pieces of leather are used by Hermes and the left overs are for other manufacturing companies. Hence, the possibility of getting a great piece is not guaranteed.
The normal leather grade does not always come with indentation. The original leather grade must come with it. Here is the image of indentation:
Hermes Identation
Wax thread:
The normal version will use is coated thread but it’s not bees wax. It is paraffin wax.
The original leather will use Fil au Chinois “Lin Cable” Waxed Linen Thread which is also used by Hermes official.
Fil au Chinois "Lin Cable" Waxed Linen Thread
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The Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag: Elegance 90 Years in the Making

Ah, the Hermes Kelly Handbag! By far one of the most famous bags in the Hermes collection, this ultra luxurious purse has a long history. The bag was actually created in 1892 in a huge version that was meant for wearing on saddles. In 1926,  Émile-Maurice Hermès redesigned the bag for his wife Julie to carry as a purse. The handbag created quite a buzz in the international fashion scene, and when Grace Kelly was spotted with one repeatedly during the 1950s, the handbag became the “it” purse that every woman wanted.

Today, the Kelly handbag is every bit as popular as it was decades ago. In fact, the purse is so hot that Hermes redesigned it as a clutch, calling the new style the Pochette. This ultra fashionable bag is so in demand that top boutiques have trouble keeping it in stock, particularly in very popular colors like black.

Like many Hermes bags, the Kelly Pochette is made in many different types of leathers, but the smooth, luxurious Clemence tends to be the favorite among ladies. Some women opt for the Hermes Pochette in exotic leathers like alligator and ostrich. The rarer the material, the more expensive the bag, with starting prices at $3,959. The price is due not only to the buzz that surrounds the bag, but also to its craftsmanship. All Hermes bags are handmade, making them of very high quality.

So what does the Hermes Kelly Pochette offer? For one thing, the handbag is very refined and dainty, so it’s perfect for carrying to evening events and to parties. The handbag measures 8.5 inches in width by 5.5 inches in height by 7.5 inches in depth. This gives you enough room for a smartphone, a wallet and must-have makeup items. The purse features a leather strap handle for carrying, and there is a matching strap lock closure on the front.

Inside the Hermes Kelly Pochette, you’ll find a slip wall pocket for keeping small items stored. To make the bag very sophisticated and sleek, there are no metal feet on the bottom the way that there are on other Hermes bags. The handbag comes in many colors, but you’ll be lucky to find more than one choice at boutiques.

HermesSale! has a complete line of Hermes Kelly Pochette styles. Our bags are handcrafted out of genuine Clemence calfskin leather and are identical in appearance to the original styles. With prices a fraction of the cost of retail prices on genuine Kelly bags, our purses are an affordable alternative for smart shoppers. We have many different colors from which you can choose as well, so you’ll have more options than you ever would buying a genuine Hermes Kelly Pochette purse. Shop our collection now to find your favorite and get it for a great low price.

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A Beautiful Bucket: All About the Hermes Picotin Bag

Widely available at Hermes boutiques and luxury stores around the world, the Hermes Picotin Bag is an ultra luxurious choice for the woman who wants a tote bag but prefers a look that is more chic than the traditional boxy tote style. Read on to learn more about all that the Hermes Picotin Bag has to offer.

A New Twist on a Classic Style

A redesign of the classic bucket bag, the Picotin combines the traditional bucket bag shape with a pair of tote style handles that can be carried or worn a variety of ways. The bag gives you the convenience of a tote style shopper but is far more refined and elegant than the majority of tote bags. It truly gives you the best of both worlds and because it’s made of durable Clemence calfskin leather, you can carry it on a daily basis and still have it for years. The Picotin is handmade like all Hermes purses, so it’s guaranteed to be of the finest quality.


Spacious and Secure

One of the most appealing things about the Hermes Picotin Bag is its size. The most popular size is the 8.3-inch by 8.7-inch by 6.7-inch version, which has ample room inside for everyday essentials and one or two special items. Still, it’s petite enough that it won’t overwhelm the figure of smaller ladies. The handbag is also very secure, as it features a front clochette that can be locked to prevent the buckle from opening. The security device is featured on the front of the bag, so it’s very prominent and easy to spot.

Fashionable Details

Available in Black, Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown and even two-color styles, the Hermes Picotin Bag is very attractive and eye-catching. The bag features silver palladium hardware that adds to its elegance, and it is outfitted with feet, which provide stability for the bag and protect the leather at the same time. There are just so many things to love about this exquisite handbag; don’t be surprised if you have a hard time naming just one thing as your favorite!

The Affordable Way to Get a Hermes Picotin Bag

The 8.3-inch by 8.7-inch by 6.7-inch Hermes Picotin Bag sells for more than $2,600, making it too expensive for many women to fit into their budgets. Fortunately, you can get a Hermes Picotin Bag for a fraction of the price by shopping at HermesSale! Our A+++ replicas appear identical to the originals, and they are painstakingly crafted to ensure their quality. We make our bags out of genuine Clemence calfskin leather, which we source from local suppliers to pass savings along to you. Before you spend more than you need to on an authentic Hermes bag, check out our thrifty and fabulous Hermes Picotin Bag replicas!

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Chic, Sleek and Spacious: The Hermes Garden Party Bag

If you’ve always wanted a Hermes bag but prefer a style that is not as common as the Birkin, look no further than the Hermes Garden Party Bag! This purse is aptly named, as you can easily picture it on the arm of a lady in a pretty dress and a hat for an old-fashioned garden party. Still, the bag has simple enough lines to make it suitable for more casual wear. You can even use it for shopping, traveling, work or school. Versatility isn’t the only thing that makes this gorgeous bag so appealing. Here are some of its other stylish characteristics:

–  Quality – The Hermes Garden Party Bag is handcrafted out of luxury Clemence calfskin leather, resulting in a level of quality that few other brands can rival.

– Durability – Designed to retain its shape, the Hermes Garden Party Bag can be easily used as an everyday bag and will still last for years. The bag is so strong that it can even be used as a book bag.

– Easy Carrying – The Hermes Garden Party Bag is equipped with two firm handles that are very sturdy and large enough to be worn on the shoulder or arm.

– Simple Access – The Clou de Selle snap closure keeps the top of the Hermes Garden Party Bag secured, but you can still easily reach the interior of the bag to get your wallet, retrieve your cell phone or access any of your other essentials.

– Ample Space – The Medium Hermes Garden Party Bag measures 14 inches in width by 10.25 inches in height by 6.5 inches in depth, meaning there is plenty of room for virtually anything that you might need to take with you on a daily basis. Bear in mind that a large bag like this may not be suitable for very petite women or for very dressy evening events.

– Great for Organization – Unlike some of the other large Hermes bags, the Garden Party has a zipped interior pocket, making it easy to keep small items safe and secure.

– Gorgeous Colors – The Hermes Garden Party Bag comes in a rainbow of very stylish hues, including Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Beige and Orange. Black is generally the most popular because of its versatility.

– Trendy – This spacious bag from Hermes is a favorite among celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon and Jordana Brewster.

In a boutique, you could expect to pay more than $3,200 for an Hermes Garden Party Bag, but if you opt for a high quality replica from HermesSale!, you can get the look of this gorgeous bag for less than $300! We have recreated every detail of the Hermes Garden Party Bag, and we use genuine Clemence leathers that we source locally to keep our prices as low as possible. We have an array of great colors from which to choose so check out selection and get your Garden Party Bag for less.

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Practical Meets Pretty: The Hermes Lindy Handbag

One of the trendiest and most fashionable handbags in the world, the Hermes Lindy has quite a fan club with members consisting of both celebrities like Kelly Rutherford and everyday ladies who appreciate the luxury quality of Hermes. The appeal of the Hermes Lindy comes from a combination of the exquisite style of the bag and its practicality. Keep reading to discover all of the characteristics of this trendy and chic bag.

– Size – The Hermes Lindy is available in three sizes: 26cm, 30cm and 34cm. The larger two sizes are truly the most popular. In both the 30cm and 34cm sizes, there is plenty of room for essentials and many extra items. The bags can be use for school, traveling, shopping or everyday use. Tall women tend to be best suited by the 34cm size, while petite women’s figures will be flattered by the 30cm.

– Craftsmanship – Hermes bags are all handmade, making them of superior quality even to many other couture bags. In the Hermes Lindy, the quality of the handbag is evident in its strength. The larger versions are sturdy enough to carry small laptop computers or heavy hardcover books, making the Lindy ideal for many purposes.

– Styles – There are a wide selection of hues available in the Lindy range. Black is overwhelmingly the most popular, but you’ll also find white, beige, blues, pinks, greens and purples in the collection. The handbags are most often made of Clemence calfskin leather; however, a small number of rare leather versions made of alligator skin are available.

– Straps – Very versatile, the Hermes Lindy has double straps for wearing the purse on the writ, elbow or shoulder. It is also possible to convert the handbag to a shoulder bag, giving you many ways to tote the purse.

– Details – There are a number of fashionable and functional details featured in the Lindy. The top has a turn-lock closure for security, and there are side pockets for keeping items organized. You’ll also find metal feet at the bottom. These provide support for the bag to prevent tipping when you place it on a hard surface. In addition, they serve a protective function by limiting the risk of scratching.

With all of its beautiful features, it’s not surprising that the Hermes Lindy is expensive in boutiques. The 26cm retails for $6,100. The 30cm starts at $6,750 and the 34cm starts at $7,200. At HermesSale!, we have a huge selection of Hermes Lindy replicas available for very low prices. Our replicas are made by hand from genuine leather, and we have both 30cm and 34cm styles in our collection in a rainbow of colors. When you shop with us, you’ll get a high quality handbag at a practical price, so be sure to check out selection!