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Bulk Order Discount

Whether you’re a boutique owner interested in purchasing stock for your shop, or a discerning individual who simply adores high-end fashion, we invite you to explore the phenomenal savings that you can achieve through our bulk order Discount Program.

If you’ve been reading through our site, you’ll already be aware that we offer three levels of customer groupings (First Time; Returning; Preferred) with varying discount rewards. But what you might not know is that we also offer an additional type of discount for bulk buyers. For simplicity sake, we’ve designed our Bulk Order Discount policy to reflect the dollar amount of your order.

Check out the details to see if you qualify!



(deducted at checkout)

$0 - $1000 No additional discount
$1001 - $2000 $80
$2000 - $3000 $120
$3001 - $4000 $200
$4001 and over Negotiable; please contact us!


AND here’s the most exciting part! If you are a regular customer who qualifies for our Loyalty discounts (10% for Returning customers; 15% for Preferred customers) you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that your Bulk Order Discount is in addition to your Loyalty discount!

Hermes Sales: top-of-the-line quality and huge savings! We’d call that an ideal combo!

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