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Wechat wallet is coming!

James | Thursday, 09 March 2017

Hello my dear customers
We know it's very important to offer you a more convenient payment method, and now we are proude to accounce a new option - wechat wallet!
What's wechat wallet?
To be easier, you can consider it as the combination of paypal and whatsapp. 
What's the benifits to use it?
First, it's online and fast. You can complete the transfer in seconds, and it's even more faster than paypal.
Second, it's absolutely free.You don't need to pay any fee, and neither do we.
Third, we can offer 10% discount for this kind of payment method for a period of time.
How to register a wechat id? 
1. Visit official website, and then select app store or google play to download the app.  
2. Sign up by entering your phone number and then verify, it would be very easy if you have experience to use whatsapp.
How to set up wechat?
There are lots of guides online to help you set up wechat accounts, here are two of them:
If it's not convenient for you to have a chinese bank account, there is another way to load money - find a chinese.
Nowadays, almost every chinese have a wechat account. If you have a chinese friend or colleague, turn to him/her to exchange. Give him/her cash and ask him/her to transfer money to your account. Then you would have balance to pay us.
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