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Shipping and Returns

Your order will be shipped as quickly as possible. We require 12 hours to collect your items and prepare your package. Normal delivery times are as follows:
    Singapore, Hong Kong and nearby areas       3-5 business days
    United States and Canada                                 7-10 business days
    Western Europe                                                    10-15 business days

Please note that these are estimated delivery times. In the event of circumstances beyond our control, such as political unrest, volcano, weather disturbances, serious accident, or other unforeseen disruptions, delivery of your package may be delayed.

We are happy to arrange shipment to your elected destination (home, office, friend, business associate) as long as it is a permanent address. However, we are unable to ship to temporary addresses such as a hotel, conference location, or other non-permanent accommodation.

Our default shipping method is by postal service. Postal delivery is fully secured, for your peace of mind and confidence. Once your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive a tracking number. In addition, our support staff will monitor the location of all parcels in transit on a daily basis, and you will receive a daily update on the progress of your parcel until you take delivery. If the parcel should arrive at a time when you are unavailable, we will notify you of the attempted delivery so that you can contact the courier or post office to make arrangements for the receipt of your parcel. Please ensure that you supply us with the correct shipping address, a valid telephone number, and a valid email address that you check regularly, so that your tracking reports are received, and your parcel delivery goes smoothly.  

If you prefer to receive your parcel by courier service rather than by post, we can assign your delivery to DHL courier. If you choose this option, please be aware that additional shipping fees will apply. Please note that DHL can't deliver to a P.O. Box. And due to Custom inspectation, we are able to email you the tracking number around 5 days upon the receipt of your order recently.

In the rare event that the contents are damaged in transit, or that your parcel is seized and held by customs officials, you are entirely covered by our shipping guarantee. Please read full details of our risk free shipping guarantee here:

For cross-border shipping, we will indicate a declared value of $10-$30 USD per item, and, depending on our knowledge of various custom regulations, will mark your package as a gift item on the delivery form, if appropriate. Although we are aware that some other sellers suggest a declaration value of $5 USD per item, we do not recommend this practice, as your parcel will be fairly large and heavy, which may increase the possibility that the package may be subject to inspection. If you insist on declaring a lower value than we recommend, we will comply with your instructions, but please be advised that in the event that your parcel is seized at customs, you take on the entire risk, and our guarantee will not apply in this circumstance.

Please also be aware that your parcel may be subject to import tax. In our experience, customers in Europe should expect to be charged an import tax, while customers in the United States are not usually charged this tax. However, this is a guideline only, and should not be understood to cover every individual circumstance. Based on this guideline, our practice is to mark a low, but reasonable, declaration value for parcels destined for the U.S. and a slightly higher value for items delivered within Europe.

If for any reason you would like to cancel your order, please understand that we are only able to process cancellations prior to your item being shipped. Cancellations that are requested after your package has left our warehouse cannot be recalled. However, we will gladly accept returns and exchanges once you have taken delivery of your items.

Return and Exchange Policies

Our primary goal is to ensure that our customers are always happy with their shopping experience with our company, and we never want you to end up with merchandise you no longer desire or need. That’s why we offer a comprehensive return and exchange policy that allows you 30 days to decide whether to keep your item or not. In fact, one of the reasons we’re so confident in the quality of our products is that we have an incredibly small return rate of less that 0.3%! However, if your item is not satisfactory in any way you are free to return it for a full refund. And if you’ve simply changed your mind, and would like to exchange your purchase for another color, model or size, we’re happy to help with that too. Unlike many other companies, we do not request a handling or restocking fee for exchanges – all you pay is the reshipping fees! Once we get the returned items, we will make the refund or exchange for you immediately.

Please note that our offer of free shipping applies only to your original order. If you are returning your item due to a defect in quality, we will refund all your purchase price to you. In the event that you request a new item to replace the defective product, we will also cover the reshipping fees to your address. If you are returning your purchase for any other reason, including an exchange, we regret that we are unable to cover the cost of return shipping to our warehouse, or reshipment fees. We may, however, deduct the cost of shipping in certain restricted circumstances, solely at our discretion.


Will the full package include the Hermes box?
Sadly, the normal Hermes Birkin does not come with a Hermes box.  This is because the box is really large and it attracts the attention of customs.  We do not want your items to be seized or delayed hence we have decided to make shipping easy. 
We assure you that we deliver a normal replica even though it does not come with the box. If you are not satisfied with the product because it does not come with a box, we have a refund policy. We keep our words so you can be assured that we will get to the root of any matter you might have. 


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